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  • Experiment...

    ... about commitment

    Minimizing Now

    Commit to yourself...

    now and now and now

    Commit to what the somebody else is committed to

    possibility listening

    This means developing possibility listening. Listen for what your partner is committed to and then commit to that. Most of us do not really know what our partner, our children, or our boss are committed to. It may be to finish knitting a sweater by Christmas, or to do 500 pushups, or to open a successful restaurant, or to spend some weekend hours totally relaxing. We all have both conscious and unconscious commitments. Many of the unconscious commitments that we are most fiercely committed to fulfilling are irresponsible. This experiment is not like Bonnie’s commitment to Clyde’s irresponsible habit of bank robbing. This experiment is about listening for and committing to your partner’s responsible commitments.

  • The Mechanics of Commitment

    A powerful principle used for commitment is minimizing now.